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AudioBook: B702. Cygnus Alpha

AudioBook: B702. Cygnus Alpha

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Paul Darrow reads this exciting novelisation of two "Blake's 7" TV adventures. On the run from the ruthless Federation, Roj Blake pilots the Liberator towards the planet Cygnus Alpha, determined to free those prisoners sentenced to life in its penal colony. At his side are fellow rebels Kerr Avon and Jenna Stannis, and the ship's computer, Zen. But there is plague on the bleak and desolate planet surface, and when the prison ship London arrives it discharges its passengers into the hands of superstitious maniacs. For prisoners Vila and Gan, it looks as if their end has come all too soon...Meanwhile, on the planet Saurian Major, there is a female telepath named Cally. Could she form the final component of Blake's 7? Read by Paul Darrow, who played Avon in the popular "BBC TV" series by Terry Nation, this CD volume tells the story of the episodes "Cygnus Alpha" and "Time Squad".

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