AudioBook: Time Hunter: 11. The Sideways Door

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Honore and Emily find themselves in a parallel timestream where their alternate selves think nothing of changing history to improve the quality of life - especially their own. Honore has been recently haunted by the death of his mother, an event which happened in his childhood, but now there seems to be a way to reverse that event ... but at what cost?

When faced with two of the most dangerous people they have ever encountered, Honore and Emily must make some decisions with far-reaching consequences.

Part mystery, part detective story, part dark fantasy, part science fiction... original adventures in time and space.

R J Carter is not the author of nearly as many things as he would like to be. He has written Alice's Journey Beyond the Moon for Telos Publishing, and can frequently be found writing articles for an online entertainment magazine, He now lives near St Louis with his wife and cat.

Troy Riser is an American artist who has also written several awardwinning short stories. His short film script, Last Rights, is being produced in Spring 2006. The Sideways Door, co-written with R J Carter, is his first published novel. An online portfolio of his fine and commercial work is available at

Tracey Childs is best known for playing Lynne Howard in the popular eighties drama Howards' Way, and Linda Cosgrove in the long running Born and Bred. In 2010 she starred as Metalla in the Season Four episode The Fires of Pompeii. For Fantom Films she has narrated Sheriden Le Fanu's Carmilla and also stars in the supernatural Victor Pemberton audio drama Dark.