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BBC7 1.5 Doctor Who: Phobos

BBC7 1.5 Doctor Who: Phobos

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The TARDIS lands on Phobos, moon of Mars - where extreme sports nuts of the future indulge their passion for gravity-boarding and wormhole-jumping. But there's something lurking in the shadows, something infinitely old and infinitely dangerous. It's not for nothing that 'Phobos' is the ancient word for 'fear'...

This story takes place after the TV movie.

Cast List
The Doctor: Paul McGann
Lucie Miller: Sheridan Smith
Headhunter / Amy: Katarina Olsson
Kai Tobias: Timothy West
Eris: Nerys Hughes
Drew: Ben Silverstone
Hayd: John Schwab
Farl: Tim Sutton

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