BBC7 1.7 Doctor Who: Human Resources Pt. 1

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8th Doctor (Paul McGann) Audio Adventures
Part Number: bbc707
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Lucie Miller's been headhunted to join the staff of Hulbert Logistics, a respectable blue-chip firm in Telford. Great prospects, competitive salary - you don't have to be mad to work here! But wasn't she made for better things, like travelling by TARDIS through time and space? The Doctor, meanwhile, has been fired - into a confrontation with the most terrifying of enemies...

This story takes place after the TV movie.

Cast List
The Doctor: Paul McGann
Lucie Miller: Sheridan Smith
Headhunter: Katarina Olsson
Hulbert: Roy Marsden
Straxus: Nickolas Grace
Jerry: Owen Brenman
Karen: Louise Fullerton
Malcolm: Andy Wisher
The Cybermen: Nicholas Briggs

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