DOWNTIME: The Lost Years of Doctor Who

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‘ absolute must-read.’ – Starburst Magazine review

‘...this is one of the best and most absorbing Doctor Who related books ever written!’ – user HumanBoy, GallifreyBase

‘It’s not easy to produce a book which works as both a story guide and detailed behind the scenes study, but Dylan Rees has managed it here, and the story as a whole is fascinating, funny, sad, alarming and sobering ... as guides go, I can’t see this being bettered.’ We Are Cult review

‘Having just finished my copy of Dylan Rees’ ‘Downtime’, I can recommend it as an incredibly rich book that transcends the limitations of being a niche guide to spin off material, and becomes a both hilarious and painful insight into the realities of low budget filmmaking & audio production. The book will appeal to not just fans of the original productions, but to those with an interest in the practicalities of filmmaking, or indeed anyone that has ever worked harder than the money was worth!’ – user jackapendrix, GallifreyBase

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