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DVD Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited 1-4

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Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of television's longest-running Sci-Fi series with The Doctors Revisited, a collection of authoritative tributes to the 11 actors who have played this iconic character! This set showcases Doctor Who's first four Doctors, William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, and Tom Baker, spanning from 1963-1981, a period of almost 20 years. There is a half-hour profile special for each Doctor with reflections from Doctor Who figures past and present followed by a classic story for each Doctor. Get to know these amazing actors like never before and own a piece of television history!

Includes the complete stores:
The Aztecs
The Tomb of the Cybermen
Spearhead from Space
Pyramids of Mars

Special Features:

Each story presented in both Widescreen feature presentation (with Steven Moffat introduction) and original 4-part version. Includes Set of 4 Collectible Doctor Who Fridge Magnets.

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