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DWM: The Essential Doctor Who: Time Travel

DWM: The Essential Doctor Who: Time Travel

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  • Format:Magazine
  • Release Date:November 6, 2017

Panini’s lavish bookazines continue with a 116-page issue devoted to the Doctor’s journeys through time, and the greatest plots hatched by his time-travelling adversaries.

Doctor Who was conceived as a format that would go backwards, forwards and sideways in time. Ever since those early black-and- whites days, the series has stayed true to that concept with innovative stories exploring every aspect of the fourth dimension.

The Essential Doctor Who: Time Travel talks to the actors, writers and directors who helped to create these memorable episodes.

Elsewhere in this issue there are guides to the greatest time-travel stories – including the classics Blink and City of Death – along with details of unmade scripts, previously unseen images and much more.

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