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Dalek Empire 1.2: The Human Factor

Dalek Empire 1.2: The Human Factor

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Writted by Nicholas Briggs.

The largest Dalek fleet ever assembled begins its invasion of the galaxy…

On planet Vega IV, Suz and Alby take their first, delicate steps towards romance. She's a career girl and he's just a drifter, but they've known each other for months now, and the attraction between them is undeniable.

However, the Vega System is the Daleks' first target… and the token Earth defence force patrolling that sector is no match for the ruthless Dalek onslaught.

Who is the mysterious stranger Suz finds amongst the devastated remains of Vega IV? What is Alby's secret? Can the Daleks' relentless advance across the galaxy ever be stopped?

Dalek Empire is a story of human emotion and galactic intrigue set against the most destructive conflict the galaxy has ever known.

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