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Dalek Empire 3: Chapter 2 (The Healers)

Dalek Empire 3: Chapter 2 (The Healers)

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Dalek Empire III is a six part mini-series featuring the Daleks from the world of BBC TV's Doctor Who.

The Border Worlds are gripped by a terrible plague... Galanar's mission takes him right to the heart of the tragedy. The Dalek plans for 'Geo-forming' are already in operation.

Cast List

Galanar: David Tennant
Selestru: William Gaunt
Frey Saxton: Ishia Bennison
Siy Tarkov: Steven Elder
Suz: Sarah Mowat
Kaymee: Laura Rees
Amur: Claudia Elmhirst
Japrice: Octavia Walters
Culver: Peter Forbes
Carneill: Oliver Hume
Mivas: Dot Smith
Telligan: Greg Donaldson
Saloran: Karen Henson
Morli: Dannie Carr
Sergic/Snubby: Jeremy James
Seth: Sean Jackson
Mietok: Ian Brooker
Roozell: Jane Goddard
Chauley: Philip Wolff
Jake: Colin McIntyre
The Daleks: Nicholas Briggs

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