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Dalek Empire 3: Chapter 3 (The Survivors)

Dalek Empire 3: Chapter 3 (The Survivors)

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Dalek Empire III is a six part mini-series featuring the Daleks from the world of BBC TV's Doctor Who.

Frey Saxton and Galanar must decide who they can trust. The Daleks have orders to take 'no prisoners'.

Cast List

Galanar: David Tennant
Selestru: William Gaunt
Frey Saxton: Ishia Bennison
Siy Tarkov: Steven Elder
Suz: Sarah Mowat
Kaymee: Laura Rees
Amur: Claudia Elmhirst
Japrice: Octavia Walters
Culver: Peter Forbes
Carneill: Oliver Hume
Mivas: Dot Smith
Telligan: Greg Donaldson
Saloran: Karen Henson
Morli: Dannie Carr
Sergic/Snubby: Jeremy James
Seth: Sean Jackson
Mietok: Ian Brooker
Roozell: Jane Goddard
Chauley: Philip Wolff
Jake: Colin McIntyre
The Daleks: Nicholas Briggs

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