Doctor Who: 056. Axis of Insanity

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What is... the Axis?

For The Doctor and his travelling companions, Peri and Erimem, it's a twisted playground, where reality, morality and sanity no longer apply. Stranded within a dimensional nexus, beset by the molten fury of the Firedbreed, they must unwrap a terrifying mystery of damaged timelines and dark science... before the corruption of the Axis spreads and reality itself crumbles.

Pitted against a warped and deadly mind, The Doctor faces his own past transgressions, and the very nature of what it is to be a Time Lord.

This story takes place between "Planet of Fire" and "The Caves of Androzani".

Cast List

The Doctor - Peter Davison
Peri - Nicola Bryant
Erimem - Caroline Morris
The Overseer - Roy North
The Jester - Garrick Hagon
Jarra To - Liza Ross
Tog - Marc Danbury
Bird Trader - Stephen Mansfield
Carnival Barker - Daniel Hogarth

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