Doctor Who: 170. Spaceport Fear

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6th Doctor (Colin Baker) Audio Adventures
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Welcome to Tantane Spaceport - where the tribes of Business and Economy have been at war for all of four hundred years...

Welcome to Tantane Spaceport - where a terrible creature called the Wailer prowls the corridors around the Control Tower, looking to eat the unwary...

Welcome to Tantane Spaceport - where there is one Arrival: a battered blue Police Box containing the time-travelling Doctor and his companion, Mel...

Welcome to Tantane Spaceport - where there are no Departures. Ever.

Colin Baker (The Doctor), Bonnie Langford (Melanie Bush), Ronald Pickup (Elder Bones), Isabel Fay (Naysmith), Gwilym Lee (Pretty Swanson), Beth Chalmers (Galpan/Beauty Swanson), Adrian MacKinder (Rogers/Game Voice), John Banks (Wailers/Announcement/Mad Passenger)

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