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Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol Soundtrack

Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol Soundtrack

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Doctor Who on Christmas Day has now become part of the yuletide tradition in the UK almost rivalling the seasonal greats such as Morecambe & Wise, The Queen's Speech and EastEnders. The 2010 edition was the third most watched programme on December 25th with 12.1m viewers and the fourth most viewed episode since the programme's revival in 2005. The thrilling seasonal adventure starring Matt Smith as the eleventh doctor featured stellar guest stars Michael Gambon and Katherine Jenkins. The musical maestro himself, Murray Gold, provides his usual eloquent, immaculately crafted soundtrack. Opera diva Jenkins captivated audiences with Abigail's Song (Silence Is All You Know) featured on this release.

Song Title, Artist, Time
1. Come Along Pond, Murray Gold, 1:51
2. Halfway out of the Dark, Murray Gold, 1:38
3. Pray for a Miracle, Murray Gold, 0:37
4. Geoff, Murray Gold, 3:48
5. You Didn't Hit the Boy, Murray Gold, 1:44
6. Fish, Murray Gold, 0:50
7. Kazran Sardick 12 1/2, Murray Gold, 1:29
8. Ghost of Christmas Past, Murray Gold, 1:33
9. Babysitter, Murray Gold, 0:47
10. Talk About Girls, Murray Gold, 1:41
11. Sonic Fishing, Murray Gold, 1:43
12. Just a Little One, Murray Gold, 1:16
13. Big Colour, Murray Gold, 1:50
14. I Can't Save Her, Murray Gold, 3:34
15. The Other Half's Inside the Shark, Murray Gold, 1:07
16. Abigail, Murray Gold, 1:47
17. He comes every Christmas, Murray Gold, 1:09
18. Shark Ride, Murray Gold, 1:24
19. New Memories, Murray Gold, 1:00
20. Holding Hands, Murray Gold, 1:45
21. Christmas Dinner, Murray Gold, 0:38
22. Goodlucknight, Murray Gold, 1:51
23. Goodnight Abigail, Murray Gold, 2:10
24. This Planet Is Ours, Murray Gold, 2:00
25. Ghost of Christmas Present, Murray Gold, 0:48
26. The Course of my Life, Murray Gold, 1:35
27. Ghost of Christmas Future, Murray Gold, 1:50
28. Abigail's Song (Silence is all you Know), Katherine Jenkins, Murray Gold, 4:41
29. Everything Has to End Some Time, Murray Gold, 1:14

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