Doctor Who: Destiny of the Doctor, 01. Hunters of the Earth

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Shoreditch, London, 1963. The Beatles have beaten John Smith and the Common Men to No. 1 and satellites are being launched in outer space. Strange goings–on are occurring on Earth: The normally placid teenagers of Coal Hill are running riot and a master thief is stealing highly specialized equipment. Schoolgirl Susan Foreman just wants an easy life for herself and her grandfather, the mysterious Doctor. She wants to be liked and accepted by Cedric and all the other pupils at Coal Hill School. But there's trouble in in the streets and bombsites around Totter's Lane. The teenagers are becoming dangerous. Their mission: to hunt down anyone different, or alien. Susan's quiet life is about to spiral out of control. Having inadvertently started drawing attention to herself, she finds herself drawn into a desperate situation. Suddenly, the chase is on, and she and her grandfather are the ones being hunted.

Carole Ann Ford (Susan Foreman), Tam Williams (Cedric)

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