Doctor Who Magazine, Issue 529

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Series 11 Companions Mandip Gill And Tosin Cole Write For Doctor Who Magazine! Read Their Doctor Who Diary In The Latest Issue.

Doctor Who Magazine 529 also includes:

Meet the writers and directors of Series 11

An interview with Roy Scammell, who was part of Doctor Who‘s stunt team in the 1970s

The life and work of Don Harper, the composer responsible for the soundtrack to 1968 epic The Invasion

Big Finish’s Lisa Bowerman answers questions from the TARDIS tin

Games company Gale Force 9 reveal the background to Time of the Daleks

A tribute to Alan Bennion, who played three Ice Warriors in the 1960s and 70s

Part Six of The Clockwise War, a new comic strip adventure featuring the Doctor and Bill

The Time Team watches three pseudo-historical Doctor Who stories

The Fact of Fiction explores the 2013 Eleventh Doctor story Hide

Third Doctor cosplay with Rob Lloyd

Previews, audio, DVD and game reviews, news, The Blogs of Doom, prize-winning competitions and much, much more!

PLUS a huge double-sided poster featuring the Doctor, Yasmin, Ryan and Graham.