Doctor Who: On Location

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Between 1963 and 1989 the BBC's Doctor Who enjoyed a worldwide audience of 110 million - while being filmed almost entirely in the UK. Doctor Who on Location is the untold story of what happened when the BBC's cameras strayed from the confines of Television Centre to recreate alien planets in such improbable locations as Leeds Castle and the North Sea. Through unprecedented research at the BBC, every single local newspaper in the country, and interviews with production staff and programme stars, Richard Bignell has compiled the definitive history of Doctor Who on location. Every location is revealed, from the humble gravel pits of Gerrards Cross to the cafes of the Left Bank in Paris. The book also includes: New interviews with Doctor Who producers, directors and stars. Over 100 previously unpublished stills. Script extracts and stills from episodes no longer in the BBC's archive.

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