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Doctor Who Series Three Companion

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Doctor Who Magazine's latest official in-depth special features a step-by-step guide to the making of all 13 episodes, as well as the 2006 Christmas Special The Runaway Bride, the animated adventure The Infinite Quest, and last November's hugely successful Children in Need concert. Find out what was shot when and where; what was left on the cutting-room floor and why; even the truth behind a few of those rumours that hit the tabloids.

Plus, executive producer and head writer Russell T Davies unveils the genesis of each story. Discover why the Empress of the Racnoss never visited Stonehenge, how jazz changed the Daleks' plans for Manhattan, what Spider-Man and Professor Lazarus might have had in common, and why the TARDIS got kicked off the moon!

Packed with new photographs, anecdotes and comments from the men and women who make the programme, script extracts, deleted scenes and a full list of cast, crew, transmission times and ratings, the Doctor Who Companion Series Three is out on Thursday 16 August 2007.

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