Doctor Who: Short Trips 16: Farewells

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"After all, who knows, if I go down well, I might even make it my farewell performance".

Sometimes it's easy to say goodbye — to a friend, to a way of life, to a lover. Sometimes it's heartbreaking. And sometimes they just won't take the hint.

Say hello to 14 stories of goodbyes, as the Fourth Doctor contemplates his mortality after a funeral; a young man goes to murderous lengths to stop Jo Grant from leaving him; the First Doctor considers his flight from Gallifrey; the Fifth Doctor desperately tries to get rid of an unwanted companion — and more.

Individual stories

The Mother RoadGareth WigmoreFirst DoctorSusanIan ChestertonBarbara Wright
Father FigureSteve LyonsSecond DoctorVictoria Waterfield
The Bad GuyStephen FewellThird DoctorJo Grant
Separation DayAndy CampbellThird DoctorSarah Jane Smith
The Very Last Picture ShowAndrew CollinsFourth DoctorLeela
Into the Silent LandSteven A. RomanFourth DoctorRomana II
WakeJake ElliotFifth DoctorNyssaTegan
The Velvet DarkStewart SheargoldFifth DoctorTeganTurlough
Life After QuethMatt KimptonFifth DoctorTegan
Black and WhiteJohn BinnsFifth DoctorPeri
Curtain CallJoseph LidsterSixth Doctor
UtopiaDarren SellarsSeventh Doctor
The Wickerwork ManPaul MagrsEighth Doctor
The Three PathsIan PotterFirst DoctorBenPolly

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