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Doctor Who: Short Trips 18: Time Signature

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A city destroyed by time itself. A country torn apart by revolution. A man in a boat with a biscuit tin...

The Doctor doesn't just change the lives of those around him, his actions echo through history. Shaping the universe, changing it, rewriting in his own hand.

But making it better? It's a good job he never sticks around for long afterwards.

And yet, for all that the universe may be infinite, for all he keeps moving, the Doctor can't outrun the consequences forever.

Individual stories

An Overture Too EarlySimon GuerrierThird DoctorSarah Jane SmithThe Brigadier
The Ruins of TimePhilip Purser-HallardFirst DoctorSusanIan ChestertonBarbara Wright
Gone FishingBen AaronovitchSixth Doctor
The Avant GuardianEddie RobsonSecond DoctorJamie McCrimmonZoe Heriot
Second ContactJonathan ClementsEighth Doctor
ResonanceBen WoodhamsFifth Doctor
Walkin' City BluesJoff BrownSixth Doctor
The Hunting of the SlookMarc PlattSeventh Doctor
The Earwig ArchipelagoMatthew SweetSixth Doctor
DS Al FineSimon GuerrierEighth Doctor
Certificate of DestructionAndrew CartmelSixth Doctor

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