Doctor Who Storybook 2010

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The Time Lord faces up to a shapeless horror in a Victorian orphanage, meets sentient doors from another dimension, re-encounters the gaseous Gelth on a reality TV show, journeys to the Australian outback to investigate mysterious objects falling from the sky, travels to the end of the rainbow — quite literally! — and battles Vikings. A lot of Vikings...

Containing eight action-packed stories:

Total Eclipse of The Heart by Oli Smith
The End of the Rainbow by Jacqueline Rayner
Scared Stiff by Mark Gatiss
Space Vikings! by Jonathan Morris
Bennelong Point by Keith Temple
The Shape on the Chair by Matt Jones
Knock Knock! by Paul Magrs
The Haldenmor Fugue by James Moran
Plus a final Letter from the Doctor — as told to Russell T Davies!

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