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Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion (PB, Target)

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Meet the new Doctor Who classics. 

Earth is under attack by power-hungry aliens. This is no time for the Doctor to be out of action. 

When a British space probe is intercepted by a sinister alien vessel on the eve of Christmas, it marks the beginning of an audacious invasion of the Earth by the Sycorax – horrifying marauders from beyond the stars. Within hours, a third of humanity stands on the brink of death with not a single shot fired. 

Our planet needs a champion – but the Doctor is not fit for service. He’s just regenerated, delirious in a new body and a dressing gown. Forced into his battered shoes is his friend, Rose Tyler, a girl from a London council estate. 

Will she save the world from this nightmare before Christmas – or see it destroyed?

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