Doctor Who: The Five Doctors Soundtrack (CD)

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1.Doctor Who - Opening Theme (The Five Doctors)
2.New Console
3.The Eye of Orion
4.Cosmic Angst
5.Melting Icebergs
6.Great Balls of Fire
7.My Other Selves
8.No Coordinates
9.Bus Stop
10.No Where, No Time
11.Dalek Alley and The Death Zone
12.Hand in the Wall
13.Who Are You?
14.The Dark Tower / My Best Enemy
15.The Game of Rassilon
16.Cybermen I
18.Cybermen II
19.The Castellan Accused / Cybermen III
20.Raston Robot
21.Not the Mind Probe
22.Where There's a Wind, There's a Way
23.Cybermen vs Raston Robot
24.Above and Between
25.As Easy as Pi
27.The Tomb of Rassilon
28.Killing You Once was Never Enough
29.Oh, Borusa
32.Doctor Who Closing Theme - The Five Doctors Edit
33.Death Zone Atmosphere
34.End of Episode 1 (Sarah Falls)
35.End of Episode 2 (Cybermen III variation)
36.End of Episode 3 (Nothing to Fear)
37.The Five Doctors Special Edition: Prologue (Premix)
38.Doctor Who - Opening Theme (The Five Doctors Special Edition)
39.The Five Doctors Special Edition: Prologue
40.The Eye of Orion / Cosmic Angst (Special Edition)
41.Melting Icebergs (Special Edition)
42.Great Balls of Fire (Special Edition)
43.My Other Selves (Special Edition)
44.Nothing Can Go Wrong (Special Edition)
45.Bus Stop (Special Edition)
46.No Where, No Time (Special Edition)
47.Enter Borusa (Special Edition)
48.Enter The Master (Special Edition)
49.Dalek Alley and The Death Zone (Special Edition)
50.Hand in the Wall (Special Edition)
51.Recall Signal (Special Edition)
52.Who Are You? / Tell Me All About It (Special Edition)
53.Thunderbolts (Special Edition)
54.The Dark Tower (Special Edition)
55.My Best Enemy (Special Edition)
56.The Game of Rassilon (Special Edition)
57.Cybermen I (Special Edition)
58.Below (Special Edition)
59.Cybermen II (Special Edition)
60.The Castellan Accused / Cybermen III (Special Edition)
61.Raston Robot (Special Edition)
62.Not the Mind Probe (Special Edition)
63.Where There's a Wind, There's a Way (Special Edition)
64.Cybermen vs Raston Robot (Special Edition)
65.Above and Between (Special Edition)
66.The Fortress of the Time Lords (Special Edition)
67.As Easy as Pi (Special Edition)
68.I Hope You've Got Your Sums Right / Phantoms (Special Edition)
69.The Tomb of Rassilon (Special Edition)
70.Killing You Once was Never Enough (Special Edition)
71.Oh, Borusa (Special Edition)
72.Mindlock (Special Edition)
73.Immortality (Special Edition)
74.Doctor Who Closing Theme - The Five Doctors Edit (Special Edition)
75.The Eye of Orion Atmosphere
76.Time Scoop
77.Transmat operates
78.Rassilon background
79.Borusa ring sequence
80.The Five Doctors Titles Zap

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