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Doctor Who: The Secret in Vault 13

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In celebration of the first female Doctor Who in history and the new TV series airing October 7, 2018! Bestselling author David Solomons delivers a super smart and vibrant new heroine in an original adventure bursting with action and humor.

The Doctor has never faced a challenge quite like this.
A sinister school where graduation means death . . .
A monstrous mystery lurking beneath a quiet London street . . .
A desperate plea for help delivered by . . . Hang on. A potted plant?

The Doctor has been summoned. The galaxy is in terrible danger, and only a Time Lord can save it. But to do so, she must break into the ancient Galactic Seed Vault. And at its heart lies a secret: Vault 13. The Vault has remained unopened for millions of years and is located on a remote and frozen world--from which nobody has ever returned alive. . . .

Can the Doctor and her friends Yaz, Ryan, and Graham uncover the shocking secret in Vault 13?

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