Doctor Who: The Shooting Scripts (2005)

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On the 26th of March 2005, Doctor Who returned to our screens after an absence of 16 years, with a new Doctor, a new assistant and thirteen thrilling new adventures. This book collects together the entire shooting scripts for the first series. Seven of the scripts are by Russell T Davies, with the remainder by Stephen Moffat, Robert Shearman, Paul Cornell and The League of Gentlemen s Mark Gatiss. Each story contains the essential ingredients of time travel, adventure, and the mixing of the ordinary with the fantastical that have always characterized the series, while at the same time being thoroughly in tune with contemporary culture and society. This is a Doctor Who for an age defined by irony, technology and celebrity, and the shadow cast by 9/11. It is also a more cinematic series, with fast cutting and special effects that will satisfy viewers brought up on contemporary film and television sci-fi. The shooting scripts give a unique insight into how the series was visualized and acted. Alongside the exciting action sequences and dialogue are hints about the characters emotions, and evocations of the settings in which their adventures take place. Pacey, atmospheric and thoroughly absorbing, these scripts practically read like novels. Each of the scripts will be illustrated with screen grabs, ensuring the book appeals to broad audience. Introductions by the writers will explain the inspirations for the new series and the fascinating process of creating a Doctor Who script. As the one book that ties directly into the new series, this is a must-have self-purchase or Christmas gift for all Doctor Who fans.

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