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Dragon's Claw (Graphic Novel)

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The time-travelling Doctor is back in his second collection of classic comic-strips from the pages of Doctor Who Monthly!

Join the heroic Time Lord in eleven more wild and witty sci-fi stories: Dragon's Claw, The Collector, Dreamers of Death, The Life Bringer, War of the Words, Spider-God, The Deal, End of the Line, The Free-Fall Warriors, Junk-Yard Demon and The Neutron Knights!

In these fast-paced adventures through time and space, our hero must contend with old enemies — the emotionless Cybermen and the warlike Sontarans — as well as an amazing array of new intergalactic foes — including the ancient Gods of Olympus, a cannibal street gang, mythical warriors from another dimension and a race of psychic vampires — with only his loyal companion Sharon, his robot dog K9 and his trusty TARDIS to aid him in his battle to save the universe!

Featuring artwork from the award-winning DAVE GIBBONS, and scripts from 2000 AD¹s STEVE MOORE and STEVE PARKHOUSE — plus a bonus strip from MIKE McMAHON — these classic comics have been digitally restored for the twenty-first century and are reprinted for the very first time in their original format!

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