Gallifrey 3.5: Panacea

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'How much for just the planet?'

Gallifrey is ruined. The great and good of her once-mighty Capitol gather in disease-ridden shanty towns outside its walls. Her 'friends' in the Temporal Powers anticipate her total collapse, and the beginning of a new galactic order.

The Time Lords' President has a drastic scheme to restore this world to its former glory but can a cure for all Gallifrey's ills really be found in the hands of entrepreneur, adventurer and self-confessed swine Mephistopheles Arkadian?

Series Cast
Romana: Lalla Ward
Leela: Louise Jameson
K9: John Leeson
Pandora: Mary Tamm
Darkel: Lynda Bellingham
Narvin: Sean Carlsen
Valyes: Steven Wickham
Matthias: Stephen Perring
Arkadian: Hugo Myatt
Hallan: Michael Cuckson
Elbon: Paul Grunert
Annos: Dickon Tolson
Janartis: Charlie Ross
Henzil: John Dorney
Gerber: Charles Pemberton
Blastern: Daniel Hogarth
T~z: Richard Unwin
Egopolis: Ann Bird
Delox: Roger Parrott
Aesino: Lisa Bowerman
Robersuun: Dave Cromarty

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