Iris Wildthyme 02: The Panda Book of Horror

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Ding Ding! All aboard! Room for a little 'un at the back!

Iris, Panda and their transtemporal double decker Routemaster bus are just about ready to leave the terminus and set out on their most terrifying adventures yet!

Along for the ride this time are...

Iris Wildthyme and the Unholy Ghost - Ian Potter
Framed - Mark Michalowski
Just the Ticket - Phil Craggs
The Party in Room Four - Simon Guerrier
Party Kill Accelerator! - Blair Bidmead
Apocalypse Slough - Mark Morris
The Delightful Bag - Paul Magrs
Iris Wildthyme’s Rainy Day Adventure - Nicholas Nada
The Colour Scheme - Eddie Robson
Shadow of the Times Before - Matt Kimpton
The Fag Hag from Hell - Dale Smith
The Niceness - Jac Rayner and Orna Petit
Channel 666 - Mark Clapham