Lethbridge-Stewart: The Havoc Files 4

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Strange goings on in a small English village, training for new members of the Fifth Operational Corps, and the two Brigadiers meeting up to take on the most notorious aliens in the galaxy…

Lethbridge-Stewart encounters a unicorn in Linfield, Anne Travers and Bill Bishop go on their first official date...

Just some of the strange tales that make up HAVOC 4
, which features five brand new short stories, including one by Wink Taylor, who has written for both Sooty and Basil the Brush. Plus three stories previously only available in digital format, including one by popular author Nick Walters, and the final installment of the exclusive three-part novella, The Lost Skin, by Andy Frankham-Allen.

A collection of short stories from the classic era of Doctor Who
, starring Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and Anne Travers, based on the characters created by Mervyn Haisman and Henry Lincoln

The HAVOC Files 4

The Contented Mind' by Wink Taylor
The Runaway Bomb' by Nick Walters
United in Blood' by Mark Jones
The Cruel Oil' by Harry Draper
All the Kings Men' by Alyson Leeds
The Great Magician' and 'the Spirits of the Vasty Deep' by Gareth Madgwick
The Slow Invasion' by Andrew Allen
The Two Brigadiers' by Jonathan Macho
The Lost Skin: Episode Three' by Andy Frankham-Allen

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