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Lethbridge-Stewart: The Life of Evans (Hardcover)

Lethbridge-Stewart: The Life of Evans (Hardcover)

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  • Author:John Peel
  • Format:Hardcover
  • Release Date:May, 2017
Three new hardback novellas will be released throughout 2017, strictly limited to 400 copies each, beginning with The Life of Evans by John Peel.

The Life of Evans
Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart cannot work out what to do with Private Gwynfor Evans. 
A reassignment to Imber is in order, and a whole new training programme under the watchful eye of Captain Younghusband.

Evans soon makes a new friend in the shape of Private Tommy Godber, but things soon take a sinister turn when Evans finds himself the prisoner of a strange alien intelligence.
The spearhead of a new invasion.

But before it continues in its plans, the alien seems oddly curious about te life of Evans...

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