Modelling the 21st Century (volume 1)

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This limited special edition, 100-page, all-colour, softcover volume publishes at the same time as Volume 10 of our regular SFFM series, and gathers together all-new, original material from the world's most accomplished builders of replicas based on the worlds of Gerry Anderson.

Stunning photography, superb step-by-step images and a unique and exciting line-up of features make this a must-have book for fans and modellers alike.

A photo-packed interview with respected Anderson replica modeller David Sisson.
Scratchbuilding the concept Moonbase Interceptor from UFO.
Project Moondog, a new craft based on the hardware from Space:1999.
Studio-scale SPV scratchbuild.
Studio-scale Thunderbird 2 scratchbuild.
Large-scale Fireball XL5 scratchbuild.
UN-10 strike aircraft from Trapped In The Sky.
Large scale Spectrum Hovercraft.
Large scale Master Elevator Car.
J-17 Interceptor and Angel Interceptor builds.

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