Red Dwarf DVD Series 2

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Commentary by Chris Barrie, Craig Charles, Danny John-Jules, and Norman Lovett
TV spot(s)
Photo gallery
Doug Naylor interview
Alternate personalities
Deleted scenes
"Tongue Tied: The Uncut Version"
Music cues
Model shots
Audio book clips

Better than Life
Thanks for the Memory
Stasis Leak
Parallel Universe

"Kryten" introduces us to the eponymous house robot (here played by David Ross), although after this first episode he was not to reappear until series 3, when Robert Llewellyn made the role his own. Then in "Better Than Life" the show produced one of its all-time classic episodes, as the boys from the Dwarf take part in a virtual reality game that's ruined by Rimmer's tortured psyche. Other highlights include "Queeg," in which Holly is replaced by a domineering computer personality; the baffling time-travel paradox of "Stasis Leak"; the puzzling conundrum of "Thanks for the Memory"; and the feminine mirror universe of "Parallel Universe."