Red Dwarf DVD Series 6

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Red Dwarf has been stolen and our intrepid heroes are hot on its trail. Starbug, unable to match its speed, has to take a short-cut to overtake it. Unfortunately this involves going through a very dangerous area which is patrolled by rogue droids that absolutely despise humans. Rimmer creates a a world populated by his clones, Lister gets married, Kryten becomes Sheriff in the Wild West and they meet their future selves who want to kill them.

Son Of Cliche radio sketch 10/11/84
Deleted Scenes
Smeg Ups
Raw Fx footage/model shots
Behind the scenes
Howard Goodall feature
Starbuggers documentary
SVC Easter egg
Sick featurette
Return to Laredo with Rob llewellyn
GOTA Animated Easter egg
Andy De Emmony interview