SciFi & Fantasy Modeller, Vol. 7

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Volume Seven of & fantasy modeller is bursting at the seams with exciting stories and superb photography - this perfect package of genre modelling will bring you:

An exclusive interview with new genre kitmakers Moebius plus a review of their upgraded Doctor Jekyll as Mr. Hyde kit.
A tour of Fantastic Plastic’s Virtual kit museum with respected kitmaker Alen Ury.
A to-die-for studio-scale Snowspeeder scratchbuild.
Building a whole squadron of Fine Molds’ new Y-Wing kits.
A review of Century 21 FX ­ Untold, Unseen ­ Alan Shubrook’s amazing new book.
A studio-scale Spectrum Helicopter kit conversion.
2001 trilogy
scratchbuilt space station 5.
sratchbuilt orbital weapons platform.
scratchbuilt large-scale Discovery.
Mike Tucker on creating Dr. Who miniatures in the ’80s. with never before seen shots.
Neill Gorton’s series 3 Dr. Who creatures.
James Wong masters a Nova-class starship.
Jason Eaton reviews Revell’s completely updated Cylon Raider.

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