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Stargate Atlantis: Official Companion (Season 4)

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Hit TV series Stargate: Atlantis continues to thrill and enthrall in its fourth season. Faced with the threat of a galaxy-wide war, the Atlantis team must find a new home in the Pegasus Galaxy for their base, the mythical Lost City, before confronting the Asuran Replicators, who are rapidly growing in strength. The fourth season brings a new leader – SG-1’s Sam Carter – daunting new challenges and uneasy alliances, as well as new planets and new alien encounters.

This official companion to the fourth season is packed with behind-the-scenes interviews, a comprehensive episode guide and scores of photos, including a 16-page color gallery.

Featuring a Foreword by David Hewlett (Dr Rodney McKay), plus contributions from the production team, crew and cast!

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