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TV Zone Special #63: Doctor Who

TV Zone Special #63: Doctor Who

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You can wait 16 years for a new Doctor, and then two come along. We take a sensational voyage through the new series with a wealth of interviews and features, plus a glimpse of things to come for David Tennant in Season 2!

• Joe Ahearne, the director who helmed some of the season’s most memorable episodes, harks back to the “terrifying” Daleks of the past, and how he polished them up to face Christopher Eccleston

• John Barrowman, who débuts as Captain Jack Harkness in Episode 9 (Empty Child ) talks invisible spaceships, sexual tension, and sending younger viewers to cower behind the sofa

• Will Cohen, the visual effects producer stationed at effects house MillTV discusses the pros and cons of CG, ‘The Mill’s most impressive creations, and remaining true to tradition

• Mark Gatis, the League of Gentleman star turned Who writer talks about introducing the Doctor to Charles Dickens, writing for David Tennant and what he might like on his tombstone!

• Bryan Hitch, the concept artist behind the Slitheen spaceship, the title star of Dalek, and Captain Jack’s ship, on his relationship with the design team

• Steven Moffat , shares his new experience of writing as part of a team and discusses adapting to Russell T Davis’s style and having Victor Meldrew in the cast!

• Ed Thomas, the designer behind the new interior of the TARDIS gives TV Zone a guided tour of the studio, in which he still feels cramped…

The Scrapbook
• Seven stories profiled with fresh pictures and press quotes, as well as previews for all remaining Season One episodes, and The Doctor and Russell T Davis in 2006


Star Trek: Enterprise
• As the curtain falls upon the series, actor Dominic Keating, better known as Lt Malcolm Reed, talks about the final episodes and where the series has taken him in the last four years

The Dead Zone
• With Season 4 of the psychic drama almost here, producer Robert Petrovich reveals challenging aspects of the new season’s shoot, and why it should appeal to new and long-term fans.

Family Guy
• Creator Seth McFarlane discusses the return of the cult animation to Fox, and the début of his provocatively un-PC cartoon American Dad

• Writer Charles Edward Pogue tells us his vision of “I Claudius meets Lord of the Rings” for Hallmark’s new mythological adventure series

The 4400
• As we anticipate the second season of the Sci-Fi hit, co-creator Scott Peters talks about his inspiration for the show and in what directions it is headed

The West Wing
• Our complete and comprehensive episode guide for the sixth season!