The Black Archive 003: The Ambassadors of Death

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'I'm sorry, Doctor, it's my moral duty.'

In one of Doctor Who's finest seasons, The Ambassadors of Death is a jewel of a story that shows off the programme at its most adult, exposing the uglier side of human nature while still offering an optimistic view of humanity's future.

The Ambassadors of Death is a story with no true villains. Instead it explores how our species might respond to the knowledge that we are not alone in the universe. Fear alone is enough to warp good intentions into horrifying situations, and the enemy is not the monster without, but within our own characters.

Amongst the many changes seen this year, the Doctor casts off his whimsical guise to become a much more straight action hero who acts as the catalyst to show that humanity is at its bravest, its best, when it offers trust, compassion, and kindness, even in the face of mortal peril.

L M Myles is the Hugo-nominated editor, critic and podcaster responsible for Chicks Unravel Time, Companion Piece and the Verity! Podcast, and has written Doctor Who prose and audio drama for Big Finish.

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