Topps Doctor Who Signature Series Box (4 Packs, 4 Autographs)

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Each Box has 4 packs with 5 cards (Each pack has 1 autograph, equalling 4 autographs per 20 card box).

About the Series:
Delivering on its name, 2017 Topps Doctor Who Signature Series is an autograph-per-pack release for the Doctor Who franchise. This hobby-only product yields a total of four signed cards in every master box.

Despite the focus on autographs, 2017 Topps Doctor Who Signature Series still maintains a 100-card base set that covers the entire timeline of the show. Led, of course, by the various doctors, other base subjects include aliens, allies, companions and villains.

Beyond that, it should not be all that surprising that 2017 Topps Doctor Who Signature Series is comprised of several different signed inserts. Falling in each pack, the autograph checklist includes over 70 subjects, with David Tennant as The Tenth Doctor and James Corden as Craig Owens. In addition to the base Autographs, collectors can also find multi-signed options via Dual Autographs and Triple Autographs.