Tripwire 2008 Annual

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This year's annual Tripwire special includes a look at the history of Doctor Who on TV and in comics, looking at the Doctor's assistants and his rogues gallery, and examining his renaissance, complete with a great cover paiting by Tommy Lee Edwards. We also talk about more contemporary Brit telefantasy with articles on Primeval and Ashes To Ashes and Life on Mars, the other current UK genre hit shows…

In our behind the scenes movie features, we talk to Martin Asbury about his work as a storyboard artist on many of the top movies of the last 25 years, including James Bond, Greystoke, Alien and Legend, we take a look at the plans for the expansion of Pinewood Studios and we examine the way that George Lucas's ILM is run…

Matt Groening and David Cohen discuss the return of Futurama, Michael Moorcock talks about his extensive writing career, there's a career retrospective on Posy Simmonds and lots more including Superman's 70th anniversary with Grant Morrison and James Robinson and strips from Roger Langridge, Jamie McKelvie and the Punx guys.

144 Pages.

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