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Blu-ray: Torchwood Miracle Day Blu-ray: Torchwood Miracle Day

From: BBC/Warner
Format: 4 Disc Region 1 Blu-Ray Set
Release Date: April 3, 2012

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John Barrowman (Doctor Who, Desperate Housewives) and Eve Myles (Doctor Who, Little Dorrit) are joined by stars Mekhi Phifer (ER, Lie to Me) and Bill Pullman (While You Were Sleeping, Independence Day) for a new heart-pounding season of Torchwood.

When convicted child killer Oswald Danes (Pullman) miraculously survives his own execution, the footage holds America transfixed. And then everyone realizes that nobody is dying. All across the world, nobody dies. And then the next day, and the next, and the next. People keep aging -- they get hurt and sick -- but they never die. The result: a population boom, overnight.

With all the extra people, resources are finite. It’s said that in four month's time, the human race will cease to be viable. But this can’t be a natural event – someone’s got to be behind it. It’s a race against time as CIA agent Rex Matheson (Phifer) investigates a secret British institution named Torchwood that seems to hold the answers, and finds only two surviving members: Gwen Cooper (Myles), who has retreated to a remote Welsh hideaway with her new family, and the mysterious, brilliant Captain Jack Harkness (Barrowman). But soon they all find themselves in the same fight against the greatest threat humanity has ever known – humanity itself.

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Stephen From East Aurora, NY 02/07/2013

Torchwood goes international in this highly entertaining release. The story is packed with action, likeable new characters and dependable old ones, and a thought provoking premise. Other BBC Blu-Rays I have purchased (Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sherlock) seem to be plagued with occasional & momentary playback issues on my player that firmware updates don’t resolve; like screen jitter or sound dropping out. I was pleasantly surprised that I experienced no playback issues at all with this release. The picture is crisp, clear, and vibrant, and the sound mix is equally engaging. With Murray Gold’s involvement the music score is appropriate, but (spoiler alert) the Captain-Jack-Drives-Through-The-Wall-In- A-Big-Truck theme is nowhere to be heard and is sadly missed. Speaking of spoilers, I have two warnings regarding this release. Each episode starts with an iTunes introduction done with great enthusiasm by Russell T Davies or John Barrowman. Since I had not seen these episodes before, these intros do too much in telling viewers what to expect. I could not find a way in the menus to shut these off. These really should have been isolated as a separate feature. I think an assumption was made that all of the people watching the Blu-Rays saw the show on STARZ first. However, my biggest warning is this: if you have not seen these episodes before, DO NOT watch the extras until you finish all 10! Major plot points get revealed in some of the documentaries long before they occur in the episodes. Despite some sloppy extras management, this set is still worth checking out.

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