A Critical History of Doctor Who on Television (Hardcover)
A Critical History of Doctor Who on Television (Hardcover)

A Critical History of Doctor Who on Television (Hardcover)

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Since its inception in November 1963, the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, has exerted an enormous impact on the world of science fiction (over 1500 books have been written about the show).

The series follows the adventures of a mysterious "Time Lord" from the distant planet Gallifrey who travels through time and space to fight evil and injustice. Along the way, he has visited Rome under the rule of Nero, played backgammon with Kubla Khan, and participated in the mythic gunfight at the O.K. Corral. The series dealt with continuing characters, adult genre principles, and futuristic philosophies.

Critical and historical examinations of the ideas, philosophies, conceits and morals put forth in the Doctor Who series, which ran for 26 seasons and 159 episodes, are provided in this work. Also analyzed are thematic concepts, genre antecedents, the overall cinematography and the special effects of the long-running cult favourite. The various incarnations of Doctor Who, including television, stage, film, radio and spin-offs are also discussed. In addition, the book provides an extensive listing of print, Internet, and fan club resources for Doctor Who.

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