AHISTORY, 3rd Edition
AHISTORY, 3rd Edition

AHISTORY, 3rd Edition

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The Third Edition of AHistory amends and vastly expands the work of the sold-out Second Edition, continuing to incorporate the whole of Doctor Who into a single timeline. All told, this book takes nearly 1400 full-length Doctor Who stories and dates them in a single chronology --- starting with the Universe's origins and working its way forward to the end of time. Specifically, this Third Edition covers all Doctor Who TV episodes through Series 6 starring Matt Smith; all New Series Adventures up through The Silent Stars Go By (#50); the Big Finish audio range up through Army of Death (#155); all Torchwood episodes, novels and comics up through Series 4 (Miracle Day); all The Sarah Jane Adventures episodes, audios and webcomics up through Series 5; the K9 TV show; all Telos novellas; the IDW and Doctor Who Magazine comics; and a cornucopia of other Doctor Who spin-off series (the Bernice Summerfield novels and audios; Dalek Empire; Iris Wildthyme; Faction Paradox and more).

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