About Time (vol. 4.1): Seasons 12 to 14
About Time (vol. 4.1): Seasons 12 to 14

About Time (vol. 4.1): Seasons 12 to 14

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In About Time, the whole of Doctor Who is examined through the lens of the real-world social and political changes as well as ongoing developments in television production that influenced the series in ways big and small over the course of a generation. Armed with these guidebooks, readers will be able to cast their minds back to 1975, 1982, 2005 and other years to best appreciate the series’ content and character.

The Second Edition of About Time 4 is such an upgrade, it’s split into two volumes! Volume 1 greatly expands upon the commentary and essays offered on Seasons 12 to 14: some of the most beloved Doctor Who material ever, starring the iconic Tom Baker as the fourth Doctor. Essays in this volume include: “Has the Time War Started?”, “What were the Cybermen’s Daftest ‘Only’ Weaknesses?”, and “Mary Whitehouse: What was Her Problem?”

Full List of Essays in This New Volume:

Do Robots have Rights?

Why Couldn’t They Just Have Spent More Money?

Which is Best, Film or Video?

Has the Time War Started?

What were the Cybermen’s Daftest ‘Only’ Weaknesses?

September or January?

What Does Anti-Matter Do?

Where (and When) is Gallifrey?

Why Does Earth Keep Getting Invaded?

Who Are All These Strange Men in Wigs?

Doctor of What?

Does the Universe Speak English?

Eldrad Must Live – But How?

Could Scratchman have Happened?

Seriously, Did Rassilon Know Omega?

Was This an SF series?

Cultural Primer:?Top of the Pops

Mary Whitehouse: What was Her Problem?

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