About Time (vol. 7): New Series 1 and 2
About Time (vol. 7): New Series 1 and 2

About Time (vol. 7): New Series 1 and 2

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About Time vol. 7 continues an examination of the real-world social-political context in which each Doctor Who story was made, this time focusing on Series 1 and 2 of the revamped series (2005 to 2006) starring Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant. Essays in this volume include: Why Now? Why Wales?; RT Phone Home?; Is the New Series More Xenophobic?; Why is Trinity Wells on Jackie's Telly?; He Remembers This How?; What's Happened to the Daleks?; Why Doesn't Anyone Read Any More?; Reapers - Err, What?; What's So Great About the 51st Century?; Gay Agenda? What Gay Agenda?; Does Being Made in Wales Matter?; Did He Fall or Was He Pushed?; Bad Wolf - What, How and Why?: What's a 'Story' Now?; How Long is Harriet in No. 10?; Has All the Puff 'Totally' Changed Things?; Stunt Casting: What Are the Dos and the Dont's?; The Great Powell Estate Debate; Is Arthur the Horse a Companion?; Are Credited Authors Just Hired Hands?; How Many Cyber-Races Are There?; and more.

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