Adam Adamant Lives! 1. A Vintage Year for Scoundrels
Adam Adamant Lives! 1. A Vintage Year for Scoundrels

Adam Adamant Lives! 1. A Vintage Year for Scoundrels

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1966. A tatty, broken man shuffling down the street…

Bizarre fantasies of another life as an Edwardian adventurer fill his head. A life as… Adam Adamant!

And to his rescue comes history enthusiast and would-be novelist Georgina Jones.

1.1 What is This Place?

As Adam recovers in hospital, sinister underworld forces are at work. Perhaps Georgina Jones and her friends could do with the unexpected help of an anachronistic hero.

1.2 Death Has a Thousand Faces

When a sugar-coated corpse is discovered, Adam Adamant can't resist looking into such a bizarre death. Journeying to Blackpool with Georgina Jones, he uncovers a suitably diabolical plot while discovering the hidden talents of Punch and Judy man William E Simms.

1.3 Georgina Jones Dies!

Adam Adamant, Georgina Jones and William E Simms make a fine crime-fighting trio. It seems as though their adventures will never end. Until Inspector Clemens arrives on the scene with some truly devastating news...

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