AudioBook: B701. The Way Back
AudioBook: B701. The Way Back

AudioBook: B701. The Way Back

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Gareth Thomas reads this exciting novelisation of the very first two "Blake's 7" TV adventures. On Earth in the far future, Roj Blake discovers the truth about his past life as a resistance leader - and about his fight against the Federation, a vicious, power-wielding dictatorship which rules the galaxy. Framed for a series of crimes he did not commit, Blake is sentenced to life on a distant penal colony planet. But his journey there, on board the prison ship London, will shape his future in an unexpected way...Along with fellow prisoners including Kerr Avon and Jenna Stannis, Blake marshals a rebellion against the London's crew. But when the ship encounters a mysterious, wondrous craft apparently floating in space, the three rebels are sent aboard - and so they take their first steps inside the majestic Liberator...Read by Gareth Thomas, who played Blake in the popular BBC TV series by Terry Nation, this CD volume tells the story of the episodes "The Way Back" and "Space Fall".

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