AudioBook: Deborah Watling: Daddy's Girl (Autographed)
AudioBook: Deborah Watling: Daddy's Girl (Autographed)

AudioBook: Deborah Watling: Daddy's Girl (Autographed)

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Daughter of renowned star of stage and screen Jack Watling, Deborah has entertained millions in a career which spans over fifty years.

From her early successes in series such as The Invisible Man, The Power Game and Out of the Unknown, through to her iconic role as the scream queen Victoria Waterfield in Doctor Who, film roles opposite Cliff Richard and David Essex, and as the notorious 'Naughty' Norma in Danger UXB, Deborah has endeared herself to a broad spectrum of fans.

For the first time, in her own words, Deborah recalls the highs and lows of working on stage and in front of the camera along with the behind-the-scenes personal struggles, and reminisces about working with a whole variety of famous acting names including the late and much-missed Patrick Troughton.

Autographed by Deborah Watling

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