AudioBook: Nu-Humans
AudioBook: Nu-Humans

AudioBook: Nu-Humans

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The Doctor, Amy and Rory are awe-struck by their first sight of "Hope Eternal", a super-earth bigger than Earth itself with heavy gravity, volcanoes and a crust loaded with mineral deposits. But their wonder is cut short when they discover a body dumped on the ground - a huge figure with extraordinarily long arms covered in thick, purple scales. Yet the corpse is not alien: he's human, albeit unlike any human Amy and Rory have ever seen. The Nu-Humans have adapted their genes to fit their new environment, and formed a thriving colony. But now they are facing a terrible threat. Can the Doctor find out who is killing Nu-Humans and why - before he, Amy and Rory are themselves tried for murder? Written specially for audio by Cavan Scott & Mark Wright, The Nu-Humans features the Doctor, Amy and Rory as played by Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill in the acclaimed hit series from BBC Television.

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