BBC7 2.2 Max Warp
BBC7 2.2 Max Warp

BBC7 2.2 Max Warp

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8th Doctor (Paul McGann) Audio Adventures
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The CD also includes bonus interviews with the cast, exclusive to the CD release.

Technical Details
Cast: Paul McGann (The Doctor); Sheridan Smith (Lucie Miller); Graeme Garden (Geoffrey Vantage); James Fleet (O'reilley); Duncan James (Timbo); Nick Brimble (The Kith); Samantha Hughes (President Varlon); Katarina Olsson (Judd Gilbride)

Welcome to Max Warp! Broadcasting live from the Sirius Inter-G Cruiser Show. Hosted by outspoken columnist and media personality Geoffrey Vantage, with spaceship-guru-extraordinaire O’Reilley and daredevil pilot Timbo ‘the Ferret’.

When a test flight of the new Kith Sunstorm ends in disaster, the Sirius Exhibition Station is plunged into a web of murder and intrigue. Someone – or something – is trying to re-ignite a war between the Varlon Empire and the Kith Oligarchy.

As the fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance, only two investigators, the Doctor and Lucie, can hope to uncover the truth.

So strap yourself in, engage thrust, and prepare for... Max Warp!

Chronological Placement

This story takes place after the 1996 Doctor Who TV Movie and after the Big Finish audio adventure.

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