BBC7 4.1 Death in Blackpool
BBC7 4.1 Death in Blackpool

BBC7 4.1 Death in Blackpool

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8th Doctor (Paul McGann) Audio Adventures
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Paul McGann (The Doctor), Sheridan Smith (Lucie Miller), Helen Lederer (Aunty Pat), David Schofield (Billy), Jon Glover (Father Christmas), Harriet Kershaw (Natasha/Marika)

Lucie Miller always loved Christmas back home in Blackpool. Her Mam running a still-frozen turkey under the hot tap at ten. Great-Grandma Miller half-cut on cooking sherry by eleven. Her Dad and her uncle arguing hammer and tongs about who was the best James Bond all through dinner. And in the afternoon, Aunty Pat, haring up to the house on the back of a moped weighed down with ridiculous presents.
Christmas 2009 didn't turn out like that.

Christmas 2009, the Doctor turned up...

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