BBC7 4.8 Prisoner of the Sun
BBC7 4.8 Prisoner of the Sun

BBC7 4.8 Prisoner of the Sun

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8th Doctor (Paul McGann) Audio Adventures
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Paul McGann (The Doctor), Antony Costa (Hagan), Jeany Spark (Jelena), Richenda Carey (Gliss), Pandora Colin (Fash), Beth Chalmers (Shill/Computer)

Six years after being captured by the galaxy-spanning organisation known only as The Consensus, the Doctor lives inside a hi-tech complex at the heart of an unstable sun, condemned to an eternity maintaining its systems. A moment's carelessness could cause the star to collapse -- and the deaths of billions.

Watched over by liquid guards, the Mercurials, the Doctor's only company at the heart of the sun is his assistant 'Daphne' -- the latest in a line of android helpers. But rebel eyes have their eyes on the sun, and its lonely controller -- and are prepared to risk even a galactic cataclysm to secure the Doctor's release...

(Duration: 60' approx)

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